Sha’á – Defending ancestral land in a country that cannot protect your life

26 September 2022
This short film follows indigenous leader and filmmaker Peregrino in his fight to defend his ancestral territory from illegal mining, which is degrading the land and causing untold biodiversity loss.

Film: Froxán Commons – A community-restoration project in Galicia, Spain brings native species back to their forests

31 August 2022
This film documents the efforts of a community nature restoration project in Galicia, Spain, that is working to replace industrially-planted trees with native species.

Film: Zenu Indigenous Women – Protectors and Growers of Mother Earth

9 August 2022
Indigenous Zenu women in Colombia use their traditional knowledge to grow crops without using any pesticides or chemicals.

Briefing: Indigenous Peoples, local communities and area-based conservation targets

5 July 2022
This briefing seeks to bring greater clarity to the intersection between the post-2020 global biodiversity framework and the land and resource rights, collective governance and self-determination of Indigenous Peoples and…

Film: Nana Yala (Mother Earth)

19 May 2022
Nana Yala (Mother Earth) follows a collective of Indigenous women from the Digir Community in Panama as they work together on their fields to produce crops

Film: Traditional knowledge provides resilience to a changing climate

8 September 2021
Traditional knowledge provides resilience to a changing climate highlights how important cultural diversity is to the protection of biological diversity, by explaining the signs that members of the Maya Kaqchikel use to predict changes in…

Biodiversity and finance: building on common ground with customary rights-holders

23 June 2021
Global finance for biodiversity has grown significantly over the past 10 years and is now estimated at between US$78 billion and $147 billion per year. However, it is greatly outweighed…

Biodiversity Day 2021: We are part of the solution

22 May 2021
This year's theme for Biodiversity Day, we are part of the solution, recognises the important role that Indigenous peoples and local communities play in protecting and enhancing the world's biological…

Briefing: Re-thinking nature-based solutions

19 April 2021
The term ‘nature-based solutions’ is both widely used and controversial. It remains ill-defined, despite some high-profile efforts to clarify it, and some of its most enthusiastic supporters include industries and…

World Wildlife Day 2021: Learning from indigenous peoples and local communities to restore our relationship with nature

3 March 2021
Today, the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity, the Indigenous Women’s Biodiversity Network, the Centres of Distinction on Indigenous and Local Knowledge, Forest Peoples Programme and the Secretariat of the Convention…

Event: The ways forward – indigenous and local perspectives on our biodiversity crisis

21 September 2020
This event explored the vital contributions made by indigenous peoples and local communities to the protection of biodiversity.   Ahead of the UN Summit on Biodiversity - aimed at…

Press release: Islands of nature – the contributions of indigenous and local communities to conserving the world’s biodiversity

15 September 2020
The world is facing unprecedented challenges from biodiversity loss and climate change, and one million species are at risk of extinction. Some of the world’s most biodiverse areas are found…

Event: Launch of the 2nd edition of Local Biodiversity Outlooks

3 September 2020
The 2nd edition of Local Biodiversity Outlooks, a landmark collaborative piece of research and analysis which acts as a companion publication to the Global Biodiversity Outlook, was launched on September…

World Environment Day 2020: three lessons from indigenous peoples and local communities on restoring our relationship with nature

5 June 2020
World Environment Day is an opportunity to not only celebrate nature, but the peoples and communities who protect and steward it worldwide. Here, three lessons from indigenous and local communities…

Local Biodiversity Outlooks 2 – peer review now closed

21 November 2019
Sorry, peer review is now closed.   We welcome your thoughts, comments and review of LBO2. How to provide feedback: Download the Local Biodiversity Outlooks 2 (Draft 1): Download and…

Local Biodiversity Outlooks: Call for case studies from indigenous peoples and local community organisations

8 July 2019
Local Biodiversity Outlooks are an opportunity for all organisations and networks of indigenous peoples’ and local communities (IPLCs) working on biodiversity issues to showcase their work. Who should contribute? This…

Indigenous & local collective action key to addressing biodiversity crisis – Local Biodiversity Outlooks online goes live today

16 November 2018
From the Arctic North, to the Pacific Island South, to the Tropical Forests of Latin America, Local Biodiversity Outlooks online highlights how indigenous peoples and local communities are rising to…

Opening remarks from CBD Executive Secretary, Cristiana Pașca Palmer, highlight the crucial connection of nature and culture

16 November 2018
"Nature is not something apart from ourselves. We are a part of nature. As a unique species we have the ability to imagine the future and then create it: the…

Nature study outlines global importance of Indigenous lands in conservation

15 November 2018
A study in the prominent journal, Nature Sustainability, said recently 'understanding the scale, location and nature conservation values of the lands over which Indigenous Peoples exercise traditional rights is central…