Local Biodiversity Outlooks 2 – peer review now closed

Sorry, peer review is now closed.


We welcome your thoughts, comments and review of LBO2.

How to provide feedback:

  1. Download the Local Biodiversity Outlooks 2 (Draft 1):
  2. Download and complete the peer review form:
  3. Once complete, please send form to: biodiversity (at) forestpeoples (dot) org


How to fill in the feedback form

Please use the peer review form to submit comments to the ‘Local Biodiversity Outlooks 2 – Draft 1’.

  • Use section 1 (the first box) for general comments on the overall document and/or:
  • use box on the second page for specific comments.
  • send form to: biodiversity (at) forestpeoples (dot) org

Note: Deadline for comments: 6 Jan 2020


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