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This film explores the close connection the Miskitu indigenous peoples of Nicaragua have with the lakes, rivers and waterways in their territories. 

The Karata indigenous community live on the north Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, in the Cayos Miskitu Biological reserve, which has 15 coastal-marine ecosystems. These include a large variety of lakes that are vital for the economic security of the communities who work to preserve the ecosystems, which are also a sanctuary for endangered species such as the manatee. 

The Karata community has adopted laws to strengthen its governance, assure its biocultural connection and to preserve its knowledge, traditional practice and ways of life. 

Director: Ana Lucia Alemán, from the Miskitu indigenous people. She is currently director of Canal 22 Voz e Imagen de la Autonomía, as well as directing a group of young multi-ethnic empirical communicators with the aim of making indigenous peoples and ethnic communities in the Nicaraguan Caribbean visible. 

Producer: Elvin González Lacayo, who also belongs to the Miskitu indigenous people. He has 15 years of experience in the production of videos with themes based on the protection and care of mother earth. 

This film is part of a series examining the critical contributions that Indigenous peoples and local communities make to protecting the world’s biodiversity, and complements the Local Biodiversity Outlooks. It is a collaboration between the Local Biodiversity Outlooks, If Not Us Then Who? and Nia Tero

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