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Nana Yala (Mother Earth)


Traditional knowledge provides resilience to a changing climate

Presenting perspectives and experiences on the current social-ecological crisis from indigenous peoples and local communities around the globe.

LBO illustrates their vital contributions to the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity of the Convention of Biological Diversity, highlighting how IPLCs should play a key role in the development of global biodiversity policy. Find out more.


The second edition of Local Biodiversity Outlooks is a landmark collaborative piece of research and analysis. Download as a PDF or read the full publication online.
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Film: Nana Yala (Mother Earth)

19 May 2022
Nana Yala (Mother Earth) follows a collective of Indigenous women from the Digir Community in Panama as they work together on their fields to produce crops

Film: Traditional knowledge provides resilience to a changing climate

8 September 2021
Traditional knowledge provides resilience to a changing climate highlights how important cultural diversity is to the protection of biological diversity, by explaining the signs that members of the Maya Kaqchikel use to predict changes in…

Biodiversity and finance: building on common ground with customary rights-holders

23 June 2021
Global finance for biodiversity has grown significantly over the past 10 years and is now estimated at between US$78 billion and $147 billion per year. However, it is greatly outweighed…