Local Biodiversity Outlooks

Local Biodiversity Outlooks presents the perspectives and experiences of indigenous peoples and local communities on the current social-ecological crisis, and their contributions to the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

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Baiga women collecting leaves. Credit - ephotocorp

World Wildlife Day 2021: Learning from indigenous peoples and local communities to restore our relationship with nature

Today, the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity, the Indigenous Women’s Biodiversity Network, the Centres of Distinction on Indigenous and Local Knowledge, Forest Peoples Programme and...
Restoring the woodland. Credit: Verdegaia

Event: The ways forward – indigenous and local perspectives on our biodiversity crisis

This event explored the vital contributions made by indigenous peoples and local communities to the protection of biodiversity.   Ahead of the UN Summit...
An indigeneous Indian woman herding sheep on a hillside pasture.

Press release: Islands of nature – the contributions of indigenous and local communities to conserving the world’s biodiversity

The world is facing unprecedented challenges from biodiversity loss and climate change, and one million species are at risk of extinction. Some of the world’s...

Latest case studies

Selling rooibos tea produced by the Khoi-San. Credit: Ivan Vaalbooi.

The Rooibos Benefit-Sharing Agreement: Breaking new ground with respect, honesty, fairness, and care, South Africa

This is the abstract of a 2019 article by Schroeder et al. published in the Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics. [i] “The Convention on Biological...
Beehives in a Mayan community in Mexico. Credit: Alessandro Banchelli.

El Balché: Sacred trees and bees of the Maya people, Mexico

Federación Indígena Empresarial y Comunidades Locales de México, A.C. (CIELO) y Sociedad Cooperativa Lool Xaam SC de RL de CV Beekeeping is an important source...
A Maya Q’eqchi attorney addresses the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples Issues. Credit: Jamie Malcolm-Brown.

Safeguarding lands and territories: court cases mounted by the Maya, Belize

Maya Leaders’ Alliance[i] In the Toledo District of Belize, which is part of the Mesoamerican Biodiversity Hotspot, the Maya are stewards of an estimated 200,000...

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