Local Biodiversity Outlooks

Local Biodiversity Outlooks presents the perspectives and experiences of indigenous peoples and local communities on the current social-ecological crisis, and their contributions to the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

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Restoring the woodland. Credit: Verdegaia

Event: The ways forward – indigenous and local perspectives on our biodiversity crisis

This event explored the vital contributions made by indigenous peoples and local communities to the protection of biodiversity.   Ahead of the UN Summit...
An indigeneous Indian woman herding sheep on a hillside pasture.

Press release: Islands of nature – the contributions of indigenous and local communities to conserving the world’s biodiversity

The world is facing unprecedented challenges from biodiversity loss and climate change, and one million species are at risk of extinction. Some of the world’s...
Matalena Telea, 30, with her nine year old cousin Pricilla paddling a canoe in the Mangrove Conservation Area of Matafa Village. The Samoan Government supports many local communities through the replanting of mangroves, protecting people and their livelihoods from rising sea level and coastal erosion.

Event: Launch of the 2nd edition of Local Biodiversity Outlooks

The 2nd edition of Local Biodiversity Outlooks, a landmark collaborative piece of research and analysis which acts as a companion publication to the Global Biodiversity...

Latest case studies


Indigenous monitoring of silk moths in the Arctic and Siberia

Polina Shulbaeva, Centre for Support of Indigenous Peoples of the North Indigenous monitoring has made it possible to document an increase in the distribution of...

Reducing and reusing waste in the Guna Yala region, Panama

Jorge Andreve and Onel Masardule, Foundation for the Promotion of Indigenous Knowledge, Guna Indigenous Peoples In recent decades, waste, especially plastic waste, has been accumulating...

Communities tackle beach pollution in Antigua and Barbuda

Jennifer Moranto, Adopt a Coastline The ‘Adopt a Coastline’ initiative is changing the attitudes and behaviour of local children through fostering and mentoring youth stewards...

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