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The Miskitu indigenous peoples of Nicaragua have a close connection with the lakes, rivers and waterways in their territories. 

The Karata indigenous community live on the north Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, in the Cayos Miskitu Biological reserve, which has 15 coastal-marine ecosystems. These include a large variety of lakes that are vital for the economic security of the communities who work to preserve the ecosystems, which are also a sanctuary for endangered species such as the manatee.


Li Kiampka (Our descendants)
Image caption: Still from the short film Li Kiampka (Our descendants)
  • Ana Lucia Alemán
  • Elvin González Lacayo
  • Marine and coastal
  • Conservation and sustainable use
  • Governance
  • Film
  • This case study is part of the 2021-2022 LBO digital storytelling project.

This short film by Ana Lucia Alemán and Elvin González Lacayo explores how the community has adopted laws to strengthen its governance, assure its biocultural connection and to preserve its knowledge, traditional practice and ways of life.