Target 13 – Safeguarding genetic diversity

By 2020, the genetic diversity of cultivated plants and farmed and domesticated animals and of wild relatives, including other socio-economically as well as culturally valuable species, is maintained, and strategies have been developed and implemented for minimizing genetic erosion and safeguarding their genetic diversity.

Key message

IPLCs, through their traditional agricultural practices and innovations, are helping to maintain the genetic diversity of wild relatives and of species with particular cultural and socio-economic values. In many cases this also provides important lessons for the wider implementation strategies for the protection of genetic diversity. Indigenous women play particularly important roles in the maintenance of genetic diversity, including by making key decisions about which seed varieties to maintain, propagate or discard. Maintenance of crop diversity on farms goes hand in hand with the fostering of livelihoods, benefits, and income generation from microenterprises.

Summary of progress towards the target