Target 1

Target 1 – Awareness of biodiversity increased

By 2020, at the latest, people are aware of the values of biodiversity and the steps they can take to conserve and use it sustainably.

Key message

The inter-relatedness of all forms of life, including the inextricable relationships between humans and nature, is central to the cultures of many IPLCs, who have much to offer in terms of raising awareness of multiple and diverse biodiversity values, conservation and sustainable use. Existing communication, education and awareness (CEPA) activities by IPLCs include the organisation of events; the production of written and audiovisual materials; the use of the internet and social media, and the facilitation of intercultural dialogue. IPLC networks also play an important role in raising awareness of global biodiversity perspectives among their members, by sharing policy information with communities in forms that are readily accessible to them.

Summary of progress towards the target