Target 10

Rangers monitoring the health of seagrasses. Credit: TropWater.

Monitoring seagrass in the Torres Strait, Australia

Laura Pearson, Alex Carter, Michael Rasheed, Jane Mellors “We are one society, sharing resources across the region. When you see the water change, you know the people responsible for that area change too.” — Sereako Stephen, Traditional Owner, Ugar Indigenous peoples of the Torres Strait practise traditional land and sea management in accordance with Ailan … Read more

Kaqchikel farmer tending to his crops. Credit: Latitude Stock.

Maya early-warning systems in Guatemala

Ramiro Batzín, Indigenous Peoples Maya Kaqchikel, Sotz’il Indigenous peoples have traditional and ancestral knowledge that has helped them study the behaviour of climate, precipitation and possible droughts. This in turn helps them make decisions and take actions necessary for climate adaptation and mitigation to avoid the negative effects of floods, droughts and crop diseases, which … Read more

Two endangered species of sea turtle live in the waters around Sakatia Island, Madagascar. Credit: Jax137.

Sakatia Island (ICCA), Madagascar

By Bakoliarimisa Tsiorisoa Mihanta, TAFO MIHAAVO, Madagascar Among the 14 emblematic ICCAs in Madagascar, Sakatia Island’s Fokonolona (local community) territory of life covers 1,230 hectares and includes the Ambohibe forest reserve (12.4 ha), the Andranomatavy mangroves (10.5 ha), sandy beaches (7.2 ha) and a traditional fishing zone of 110 ha where two protected species of sea turtles live (Chelonia mydas and Eretmochelys imbricata are respectively endangered and critically … Read more

Drying salmon in Alaska, an activity impacted by changing weather conditions that are now not aligning with traditional harvesting times. Credit: Karen Kasmauski.

Climate change and food sovereignty in the Arctic

Inuit Circumpolar Council – Alaska [i] The Inuit Circumpolar Council office in Alaska has facilitated a project that explores what impedes or supports Inuit food sovereignty and self-governance. In 2019, as part of this work, 24 Inuit indigenous knowledge holders gathered for a workshop exploring food sovereignty and self-governance in the Arctic. Throughout the discussion, … Read more

Namena 1

Vueti Navakavu: A success story from Fiji

Vueti Navakavu, an LMMA and registered ICCA on Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu, is a community conserved marine area.

Guna floods 2

Identifying impacts and threats to vulnerable ecosystems in Guna Yala, Panama

The Guna people live in Guna Yala, an archipelago in which most inhabited islands are threatened by rising sea level caused by climate change.