Target 03

Monitoring in process. Credit: CERDA.

Getting REDD+ to work for IPLCs in Vietnam

Vu Thi Hien, Centre of Research and Development in Upland Areas, Vietnam, and Grace Balawag, Tebtebba Foundation, Philippines   In a pilot project in north Vietnam, Tebtebba and the Centre of Research and Development in Upland Areas worked to test whether REDD+ financial incentive systems for carbon sequestration could be developed based on respect for … Read more


IPLCs making good use of REDD+ in Vietnam

Can financial incentive systems be designed in a way that respects the rights, wishes and existing practices of IPLCs?


Story from the Northern Territory, Australia: Dabboh and Smoke Money: Burning the Bush for People and Country

The Balngarra Clan is an indigenous Nawurrk tribe from Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. Our homeland covers around 250 km2 of savanna, escarpment and wetlands.