Self-determined development


Communities in Pitas, Sabah, Malaysia fight to protect mangroves

The villages around the Telaga River in Pitas, Sabah, Malaysia depend on the local mangroves for their livelihoods, through farming, fishing and foraging. However, their way of life has been threatened by a shrimp project that is being promoted by the Malaysian Government, allegedly to reduce poverty in the area. The project, operated by Sunlight … Read more

target 7 BCH products

Exploring a labelling scheme for biocultural heritage-based products

The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), the University of Leeds and the Asociación ANDES from Peru are exploring the development of a new labelling or indication scheme for “biocultural, heritage-based products”.


Sustainable Development Working Group of the Arctic Council

The Arctic Council is a leader in the inclusion of indigenous peoples in strategic planning for sustainable development. Out of a total of 4 million inhabitants of the Arctic, approximately 500,000 are indigenous.