Community protocols


Bio-cultural protocol of the traditional healers of snake bite, Sri Lanka

Association of Traditional Healers for Treatment of Venom Bites and Nirmanee Development Foundation The bio-cultural protocol of the Native Healers of the Kegalle District in the Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka is a comprehensive document covering the intergenerational heritage, traditional medicinal knowledge, their acquaintance with serpents and other animals, and extraordinary treatment methods and varieties … Read more


The community-based tagal system in Sabah, Malaysia

Alice Mathew and Jawatankuasa BioBudaya Melangkap Tagal means prohibition in the Dusun language, and has been practised by the indigenous peoples of Sabah for many generations. It involves shared responsibilities and management, not only for rivers but also for other natural resources. This traditional concept has been adopted by the Sabah Fisheries Department and about … Read more

Rooibos Industry 1

Rooibos tea and access and benefit-sharing for the Khoi-San, South Africa

Rooibos and Honeybush are two South African plants that are used as commercial commodities by big companies for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes, supplying a huge local and international rooibos tea industry.