Global sustainable development report 2019

“[…] ensuring the sustainability of the global commons is not just a matter of global governance; a plethora of actions at all levels – from global to local – and involvement of the most directly affected communities is equally important. Indeed, policies must address hard-to-change behaviours that are damaging to the environment, including economic incentives such as removing harmful subsidies, introducing appropriate taxation, and regulation such as progressive carbon taxation mechanisms. Empowering people to make positive change through education, awareness raising and social movements is critical. Social acceptability of those much-needed changes will be facilitated if management of the global commons explicitly addresses human well-being and environmental injustice. Such management should avoid maldistribution and seek to repair the damage already caused by poor technical, financial and political interventions. especially where indigenous communities and other vulnerable groups are concerned, with concerted efforts to leave no one behind.”

Excerpt from ‘The Future is Now – Science for achieving sustainable development’[i]

[i] Independent Group of Scientists appointed by the Secretary-General (2019) Global sustainable development report: The future is now – Science for achieving sustainable development. New York: United Nations.

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